Infinity Properties is a boutique luxury property brokerage in Dubai, U.A.E. delivering the highest standard in luxury real estate brokerage services.

We have decades-long relationships with many of the top developers, investors & stakeholders in the UAE real estate industry. Our unique positioning creates valuable insights and opportunities for our clients interested in owning a home or investing in the UAE.

We are a team of UAE real estate veterans with expertise in nearly all facets of the real estate industry, making us the preferred resource for our clients.

As certified RERA agents, our clients have the reassurance that all property transactions with us will be fully compliant with all local and national laws.

We love what we do and it shows in our long-lasting relationships and reputation for excellence.

Our service #1

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How we works?

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Infinity Contracting focuses on an unparalleled attention to detail and the highest quality work, all executed expeditiously and professionally to meet our client needs.

With every project, whether building construction or interior fit outs, residential or commercial, we live up to our reputation.

We are committed to providing quality and reliability. This commitment keeps us at the top of our industry with regard to building techniques, innovative materials and sustainability. Infinity Contracting works closely with our affiliate Infinity Interior Design, a professional team of architects and designers to ensure a dazzling, functional and top quality end result.

Social Environmental Practices

We ensure that from mine to customer all Of our diamonds are ethically and Environmentally friendly. From the diamonds and precious metals We go above and beyond to ensure that Our practices help contribute to the Prosperity of the planet


Our diamonds are traceable from Each and every mine they come from. We go above and beyond international Standards for workers wellbeing Ensuring their human rights. Not only In mining of the diamonds but also the Cutting and polishing.

Precious Metals

All of our gold, platinum and silver Only comes from traceable Environmentally friendly mining Practices. We only use precious metals from mining In developed countried to ensure that The proceeds do not finance conflict

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Our Budget Plan

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$99 USD Per Month
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$199 USD Per Month
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